End The Fossil Fuel Age Now!

Life is fragile, and so is art.

Shell sponsors the Van Gogh Museum; the destroyer of life pretends to protect art. As a response, Fossil Free Culture NL unfurls a curtain of paper sheets in coordinated motion. Bodies are provoked and sheets are torn —but the action speaks louder than the words.

We will continue staging our anger until hypocrisy is eradicated from all cultural institutions. We will bring the End of the Fossil Fuel Age and usher a Fossil Free Culture that cherishes the fragility of life, and art.

And we are not joking.


Stand up for la ZAD.

La #ZAD in #NDDL is under attack. The French State, unsurprisingly, breaks promises, uses violence and destroys livelihoods —all for the fantasy of a “return to normal”. Because they are afraid of fresh organic produce, free wholesome bread and self-made dwellings. Because they cannot accept people living in autonomy, solidarity and harmony. Because they cannot tolerate another way of being, an art of living, the paths to utopias.

And yet, unsurprisingly, they fail to understand what la ZAD is all about. People will reoccupy this place and countless others because they are ungovernable. People will keep cultivating the land because they are nature defending itself. People will keep taking care of each other because they come from the future. No bulldozer, no tear gas and no army can ever contain the coming spring.

Stand up for la ZAD. Defend it, rebuild it and spread it everywhere.



We are at the very early stages of what could become our next great adventure: co-creating sustainable, collective living for ourselves and loved ones. Concretely, we are interested in applying for a tender to develop a self-built, circular social housing —right here, in Amsterdam Oost. Since this is wildly ambitious, we are aware we cannot do it alone: we need your wisdom, inspiration and perhaps even participation!

Could you take a few minutes to flex your network muscle? Think about who we should collaborate with, who may have the skills we need, or who is a great fit for the art of living we wish to create. Fundraisers, wordsmiths, inventors, facilitators, pirates —we count on your magic of free association!

Feel free to share this callout in your circles, and drop us a line if you’d like to follow future developments 🙂



Ursula K. Le Guin

“To die was merely to go on in another direction” remarks Laia Osaieo Odo, in The Day Before the Revolution, the day she passes away. Now that our very own Odo is gone, all we have left to do is to bring about her Revolution. Rest in power, comrade.

Ursula LeGuin.jpg


You don’t have to visit la ZAD in Notre-Dame-des-Landes to understand why the bocage is so alive, the airport project so wrong, and the resistance so strong. But if you have the chance to visit it, you would also feel it in your bones —that no force, state or corporate, can destroy those 1650 beautiful hectares of freedom.

Even the most spineless, most post-political of all french kings or presidents must have felt it; as of today, the airport project is buried forever, supposedly by the decision of a single powerful man, but in fact by the courage, the love and the determination of hundreds of occupants, and their thousands of allies, and their millions of sympathisers.

After decades of bureaucracy, and court cases, and expert reports, and petitions, henceforth only paper planes can take off from the Zone. The same fate awaits all new carbon infrastructure that aims to perpetuate the fossil age and its fanatical thirst for destruction. The fight for the future is not over, it is just starting —there are many more Zones to defend.

While the airport may be gone, its world has not fallen yet. Defending la ZAD has never been only against one single project, but the entire logic of imposing the ‘rule of law’ onto any territory. Now vindicated, la ZAD shouldn’t be an exception to be violently eradicated and erased from memory; it should be instead the new norm of self-determination and collective management —here, there and everywhere.

During my last visit to la ZAD in October 2016, together with 40’000 people, I planted a stick in the ground and made a promise: if there would be an eviction attempt, I would come back to collect my stick and protect the Zone. I attached a little board to my stick and wrote down the names of some comrades, so that I’d bring them along to defend our shared dreams.

That day has arrived. On 10 February 2018, we will be tens of thousands to converge once again in la ZAD, demonstrating our commitment to safeguard and extend Europe’s largest liberated territory and postcapitalist commune beyond the boundaries of the bocage. Because such freedom cannot be bound to one place alone; it is freedom only if spread in every direction.

#ZADpartout #NDDL #NiIciNiAilleurs #Blockadia #StayGrounded

PS. Infinite love goes to Emma for immortalising that moment!

Published on Roarmag: La ZAD scores major victory: airport plans are cancelled!