Stand up for la ZAD.

La #ZAD in #NDDL is under attack. The French State, unsurprisingly, breaks promises, uses violence and destroys livelihoods —all for the fantasy of a “return to normal”. Because they are afraid of fresh organic produce, free wholesome bread and self-made dwellings. Because they cannot accept people living in autonomy, solidarity and harmony. Because they cannot tolerate another way of being, an art of living, the paths to utopias.

And yet, unsurprisingly, they fail to understand what la ZAD is all about. People will reoccupy this place and countless others because they are ungovernable. People will keep cultivating the land because they are nature defending itself. People will keep taking care of each other because they come from the future. No bulldozer, no tear gas and no army can ever contain the coming spring.

Stand up for la ZAD. Defend it, rebuild it and spread it everywhere.


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