Everything you always wanted to know about De Nieuwe Meent (but were afraid to ask)

Almost exactly three years ago, I sowed the seeds of a project that grew into something truly magnificent. The housing cooperative De Nieuwe Meent (“The New Commons”) now has a life on its own.

Together with other dedicated volunteers, we have put thousands of hours of love and labour. We have won a tender competition, built a community, co-developed a design and convinced a bank.

Even the pandemic couldn’t stop us. We went through the most critical phases of this process without being able to physically come together. Now we are entering the very last stage.

At the end of this month, Gemeente Amsterdam will greenlight our Definitive Design. But they need to see we have enough support to create an affordable, social, sustainable and innovative building.

I am writing to you this to ask for your financial contributions. Because I believe we share the same vision, and I think you support our core values — commoning, sustainability, diversity and care.

We need to cover %8 (€450,000) of the investment with this crowdfunding. We have already secured 1/4 of this. We still need to raise €50,000 by 21 March. This is really the most crucial moment!

Every little bit helps. Perhaps you want to save some hard earned money for your future self. Perhaps a relative has deep pockets. Perhaps you know an organisation looking for a sound investment.

Here’s how it works. You buy a bond (or ten, or hundreds!). We build our housing cooperative. Each year you receive an interest (1.8%-2.2%). At the end of the duration, you get your money back.

You will receieve regular updates, and most certainly an invitation to the opening party (in 2023!). Your name will be carved on our walls and our hearts. The community will remain forever grateful.

This past year, more than ever, we all realised what a home is really worth. Not its real estate value, but its safety and comfort. Its inhabitans and neighbours. Cherish how precious these all are.

Now imagine creating this new home for about 50 people:

  • 15 independent social rental homes
  • 5 self-organised residential groups
  • completely energy neutral building
  • communal spaces and shared functions
  • workers cooperative for and by refugees
  • construction starts end of this year!

Pplease consider sharing this in your own network, and for questions about the campaign, don’t hesitate to send a mail. Looking forward to the day I will personally welcome you into de Nieuwe Meent!


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