It was a brisk late February when I got the news: I was offered a PhD fellowship at Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, chosen among hundreds of candidates, and together with two dear friends. It was a truly life-changing moment that allowed me to stay in Amsterdam, put down roots and grow a community. It gave me the economic security that enabled me to give myself to political organising —often at the expense of the academic work.

Eight years, four homes, three lovers, two burnouts and one pandemic later, this journey is finally coming to an end. On Tuesday 4th May 2021, at 15:00 in Agnietenkapel, I will be publicly defending my thesis to obtain the doctoral degree. It carries the title:

Unsustaining the Commodity-Machine
Commoning Practices in Postcapitalist Design

The physical ceremony will be closed to the public due to coronavirus measures. My paranymphs, Rana and Thijs will be by my side to support me. There will be an online livestream where you can watch me get trolled by tenured professors (it’s called an ‘ordered exchange of views’). There is also a Telegram group you can join to share your reactions with other guests before/during/after the event. Expect some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage!

While I truly wish to have celebration with all my loved ones coming together, the current course of the pandemic sadly makes it impossible and irresponsible to organise a physical gathering. You can count on me for organising a belated but utterly decadent party! I really hope we will be able to celebrate together, to mark the end of one journey, and onto some new adventures.

Finally, I built a website to make my research more accessible, so make sure you check it out and share it around! You can also download a digital copy directly on UvA’s Digital Academic Repository, or contact me for obtaining a hard copy (while stocks last!). You can read my Propositions if you’re short on time, and my acknowledgements, because I am truly grateful to everyone who played an indispensable part in making this happen.


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