about the blog

This is going to be my research blog for the coming years. I intend to collect my readings, experiences and writings, both for future reference for my project, and as a way to ‘open source’ my research. I very much welcome comments and contributions from fellow researchers, creatives and activists. I have been warned that writing a doctoral thesis is a solitary process; I hope this blog will prove otherwise.

about the research

Design cultures have so far been analysed in separate stages of production, mediation and consumption, or, along the circuit of the ‘commodity-machine’ —an unsustainable configuration vulnerable to multiple crises. Emergent postcapitalist design cultures bypassing market mediation require a different framework, based on the production of shared value, as opposed to exchange value. Three commoning strategies are distinguished: a) peer production, in the activity of designing subjects, b) open source, in the circulation of design projects, c) digital fabrication, in the making of designed objects. To what extent these practices prefigure a new and sustainable basis for product design, and redirect the production and distribution of material artefacts towards viable, desirable and equitable configurations?

about the blogger

Born in Ankara and studied in Strasbourg, I am a designer, researcher and activist. I am currently a PhD Fellow at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis, researching the sustainability of postcapitalist design cultures that practice commoning. My main interests are the intersections between creative production, radical politics and ecological thinking. I am also involved in culture jamming, intentional communities, and climate justice campaigns.


also available on: Universiteit van Amsterdamacademia.edu, linked.in.

One thought on “About

  1. Hi Selj,

    Thanks for the kind comments on my blog. That’s exactly what I hope for with it and exactly why I’m doing it.

    Anyway, I’ve just had a quick look at what you do when you’re not down a coal mine and think there’s something you might be interested. In fact, you probably already know about it: Theory U. I personally don’t yet know enough as I’m still reading the book, but there’s enough in writer’s idea of society 4.0 that seems in common with your work. Indeed, this is one of the two most seminal books in my life and a key reason I was moved to come to Germany:


    “Leading from the emerging future”

    Be interested to see what you make of it!

    Thanks for being part of all of this. It’s being connected with such bright, innovative and like minded souls that’s really what I’ve taken from the action. It’s what I want to write about next!


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