Crises of the Commodity-Machine, Postcapitalist Design Cultures, Production of Commons

poster presentation

Here is the poster I presented in a conference recently. Although it does not follow the order of my thesis, it synthesises its essential elements. This visualisation is also a work in progress; some were easier to represent with pictograms than others. Ironically, it is the most physical things (design artefact, digital manufacturing, “stuff”) that I found harder to translate into symbols. Suggestions welcome!


Anthropocene, Peak Capitalism, Sustainable Design, Thesis

background story

As I start my four-year-long journey of researching and writing about postcapitalist design cultures, perhaps it is time to reflect on what has brought me here. Let’s return four years backwards; I had just graduated from my design studies in Strasbourg. Having done two internships, intentionally in market-driven sectors (marketing/advertisement and luxury architecture/decoration), I had zero interest in a commercial design job. Being a freelancer would still be acceptable, but it would not satisfy my —yet undefined— social/political interest in design. I decided to take a year off and try figuring out the politics that would drive my practice.

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